"We will establish UCL as an international hub for innovation in teaching"

Prof Michael Ewing, Dean of Students (Academic)


OER helps university teachers connect

Why use OER?

Potential advantages:

  • Showcases research to widest possible audience
  • Enhances a university’s reputation as well as that of the teacher or researcher
  • Social responsibility – providing education for all
  • Shares best practice internationally
  • Allows for peer review
  • Maximises the use and increases availability of educational materials
  • Raises standard of educational resources by gathering more contributors
  • Supports curriculum development
  • Attracts quality staff and students
  • Enables prospective students to explore the curriculum when choosing a course

Potential disadvantages:

  • Quality control: Academics may be concerned that others could repurpose their content to a low standard and this will reflect badly on them
  • Students may regard the use of OER by lecturers as inferior teaching: more research needs to be done into perceptions of OER

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