"By putting teaching materials out there, it can help our reputation for teaching to become as good as our reputation for research."

Jane Hughes, CALT


OER helps university teachers connect

Why use OER?

Potential advantages:

  • Showcases research to widest possible audience
  • Enhances a university’s reputation as well as that of the teacher or researcher
  • Social responsibility – providing education for all
  • Shares best practice internationally
  • Allows for peer review
  • Maximises the use and increases availability of educational materials
  • Raises standard of educational resources by gathering more contributors
  • Supports curriculum development
  • Attracts quality staff and students
  • Enables prospective students to explore the curriculum when choosing a course

Potential disadvantages:

  • Quality control: Academics may be concerned that others could repurpose their content to a low standard and this will reflect badly on them
  • Students may regard the use of OER by lecturers as inferior teaching: more research needs to be done into perceptions of OER

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