"Students don't talk about learning with technology, they talk about learning. The technology is a given."

Dr Stephen Rowett, ELE




MyPortfolio is an open-source e-learning tool which provides students with a private online space in which to collect and organise the materials they create. These could include written documents, presentations, videos and images; in short, anything that the student produces during their learning journey.

The student has complete control over who can access their e-portfolio. They can join online groups with colleagues inside and outside UCL to share resources and ideas and, if they wish, they can use the e-portfolio to present work to potential employers.

Using MyPortfolio, students can both create work and reflect on the process using blogs. This is particularly useful for dissertation projects. 

MyPortfolio is also an assessment tool which allows students to submit work and receive feedback from their tutors. Additionally, it can be used as a showcasing vehicle through which students can display their best work.

It's easy to create 'views', which are essentially web pages that hold and display information, within MyPortfolio. No web development skills are required to do this and views can be used to:

  • Develop and manage all electronic files, including documents, presentation slides and video
  • Create and tailor online CVs (including the Europass, the standard CV format for many European employers)
  • Record Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities
  • Access RSS feeds
  • Interact with online group members
  • Submit work for e-assessment
  • Create blogs with a number of different postings for each topic

Students can use MyPortfolio purely as a private working space or as a powerful networking space for communication and collaboration.

Contact and training

To find out more about MyPortfolio and to book training, contact E-Learning Environments (ELE).

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