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Observing teachers

Peer Observation of Teaching

What is peer observation of teaching?

Peer observation of teaching is where teaching staff choose a colleague to attend and observe one of their teaching sessions. At the end of the session they discuss what went well, where improvements could be made, and create an action plan of required changes.

Why is it important?

The focus of peer observation is on the student experience and how their learning can be promoted through improved teaching.

Peer observation allows teachers to benefit from each other's knowledge and experiences, and promote excellence of teaching within departments.

How is it done?

To help staff carry out a successful peer observation, UCL has created a practical guide on the process of peer observation as well as a sample observation form:

Policy on peer observation of teaching

The UCL policy on peer observation of teaching aims to maintain high standards of teaching through self-regulation and mutual support within departments.

The policy statement was approved by the Quality Management and Enhancement Committee (QMEC) and can be found on the UCL Academic Manual webpages.


To find out more about peer observation of teaching, contact a CALT School-Facing Teaching Fellow.

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