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Quality Management and Enhancement

Quality management and enhancement

UCL has adopted an academic-led quality management and enhancement (QME) strategy, which makes the active engagement of academic staff the driving force behind achieving the university's goals.

Examples of how this works in practice include:

  • Discussion of policy development is conducted, and major decisions are taken, by the academic community working through the committee system
  • QME processes are based on peer review by fellow academic staff who are active in research and teaching, rather than solely professional administrators
  • Academic staff at all grades are actively involved in QME operations at department, faculty and institutional levels.

Quality enhancement at UCL is about improving the quality of learning opportunities, including IT and library provision and staff development opportunities.

Key elements of UCL's approach to managing the enhancement of quality include:

  • Internal quality review
  • Annual and augmented annual monitoring
  • Peer observation of teaching
  • The external examiner system
  • Student feedback mechanisms
  • Committees with quality management responsibilities at institutional, faculty and department levels.

Find out more about the academic quality review, monitoring and feedback framework in the Academic Manual.