"My project in particular has allowed me to see how working with children can be extremely rewarding."

 Ceri Middleton, third year PhD student Earth Sciences


students outside in the field


Volunteering plays a large part in UCL's Global Citizenship Agenda. The Volunteering Services Unit (VSU) at UCL is one of the largest volunteering units in higher education and can offer an excellent volunteer programme to students and staff. The benefits listed below outline why departments should consider using the unit for the benefit of their students as well as their own.

Enhancing the student experience

Volunteering is a positive demonstration of UCL students' commitment to the wider community. It allows students a unique opportunity to change the lives of others as well as their own. Feedback from volunteers suggest that they feel more equipped to get a job, more confident and are more likely to have thought about their careers and what they want to achieve. Those who engage with volunteering feel that it enhances their academic studies by allowing them to use taught theory in a practical context. Volunteering also helps students to improve their general well-being and build a connection with UCL.

Benefiting departments

UCL's volunteer programmes can be sourced to suit departmental interests, helping students to learn through practical experiences and put course content into a meaningful context. For example, the VSU can source mental health charities for psychology students. The VSU can also help departments to forge mutually beneficial relationships with charities and community services, linking the university with the current agendas of the working world, understanding skills gaps, and sharing knowledge and expertise.

Visit the Volunteering Services Unit web pages for further information. 

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