"The greatest way to learn something is to have to explain it to someone else; you really get tested."

Dr Andrea Sella, Department of Chemistry


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Digital stories, teaching students and public engagement: Three points on a virtuous circle

A new method of communication

How do you break down barriers and get students to work together in teams during induction week? For Dominic Furniss and Rachel Benedyk the answer lay in getting their HCI students to produce digital stories. A digital story is made up of pictures, audio and narrative.

Creative, fun and engaging

In comparison to traditional methods such as writing reports or designing posters, digital stories provide a method of communicating which is flexible, more interesting and has the potential to reach a larger number of people.

Student collaboration

Each team had half a day to produce their story. Afterwards, each story was showcased and discussed with the other teams. Skills developed included teamwork, presentations skills, critical thinking, and peer review.


The quality of work produced was outstanding with one digital story, "Why buttons go bad", being used by UCL TV and the UCLIC website - an incredible result for work produced during induction week.

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