"One of UCL's great strengths is the way in which excellence in research feeds into excellence in teaching and vice versa."

Dr Simon Banks, Department of Chemistry


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Ambitions for UCL graduates

UCL wants its students to leave university with more than just a degree - it wants to create highly employable graduates who are equipped with the skills and experience needed to forge successful careers in their chosen field. UCL is dedicated to ensuring that its graduates are:

  • Critical and creative thinkers
  • Ambitious, but also idealistic and committed to ethical behaviour
  • Aware of the intellectual and social value of culture difference
  • Entrepreneurs with the ability to innovate
  • Willing to assume leadership roles in the family, the community and the workplace
  • Highly employable and ready to embrace professional mobility

As well as having more self-employed graduates than any other UK university, UCL has the highest proportion of employed graduates of any Russell Group university.

The role of teaching and learning staff

To help students towards a successful future and to embrace life during and after university, teaching and learning staff are expected to expose students to the following methods of learning, skills development and experiences:

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