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Connected Curriculum

A distinctive approach to research-based education

Connected Curriculum is an institution-wide initiative which aims to ensure that all UCL students are able to learn through participating in research and enquiry at all levels of their programme of study. It’s about:

  • Educating through dialogue and active, critical enquiry
  • Creating an inclusive research and learning community
  • Making connections across modules, programmes and beyond the classroom
  • Creating assessments that mirror ‘public engagement’ in research
  • Equipping students to address interdisciplinary challenges
  • Exploring critically the values and practices of global citizenship
  • Engaging students as partners in their education, and as co-producers of knowledge Improving the experiences of both students and staff

A word from UCL’s President and Provost, Professor Michael Arthur

“At University College London, our top strategic priority for the next 20 years is to close the divide between teaching and research. We want to integrate research into every stage of an undergraduate degree, moving from research-led to research-based teaching.”

Arthur, Michael (2014). “From research-led to research-based teaching.” Research Professional (30 April). Available online

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