"At UCL, we very much work on promoting the unity of research and teaching."

Dr Rosalind Duhs, Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching


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Strategic priorities

The objectives of the Learning and Teaching Strategy 2010-2015 ensure benefits to teaching staff as well as students. Incorporating an outward-facing curriculum means that staff are always up-to-date with current issues, are exposed to an international network of key contacts, and carry out research into areas that deal with larger problems facing our world. Encouraging students from multiple cultures and societies strengthens the intellectual environment, improving the quality of students and maintaining UCL's global profile as a world-class university.

Teaching and learning staff ensure that their methodologies incorporate the following strategic priorities: 

  • Education for global citizenship

    As well as encouraging intellectual growth UCL shapes students’ personal and social development. A UCL ‘education for global citizenship’ enables students to respond to the intellectual, social and personal challenges that they will encounter throughout their future lives and careers.

  • Key skills

    Personal tutors play an active part in helping students to assess where they need to develop, planning how to acquire the skills needed and exploring how they can best present themselves to others.

  • Tools and technologies

    New learning technologies can bring innovation, increased efficiency and enjoyment to the way we teach and learn. UCL embraces new learning technologies and actively incorporates them into its methods of teaching and assessment. An E-Learning Strategy outlining the institution's priorities and aims for 2012-2015 is currently under review; find out more here.

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