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symposium teaching assessment

How a symposium can be used to assess students’ work

Judith Hillmore heard Dr Suzanne Ruddy, UCL Molecular Biosciences, tell attendees at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 how her students take part in a realistic symposium as part of their assessed work. More...

Published: Apr 11, 2014 2:34:19 PM

Tutorial teaching

Students prefer tutorial-based teaching, a new study shows

Clare Goudy reports on a study into student attitudes to small-group teaching, presented at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 More...

Published: Apr 11, 2014 1:58:19 PM

Beatrice Lok personal tutor study

What do students want from their personal tutors?

Abbie Willett, Beatrice Lok and Dr Paul Walker, CALT, revealed the top five most valued aspects of personal tutoring to attendees at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014  More...

Published: Apr 11, 2014 1:33:39 PM

off-campus project work teaching learning conference

Going off-campus: help create a new framework for student project work

Dr Jamie Harle, Medical Physics and Bioengineering, told the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 about a new framework for student and external supervisor engagement in off-campus work. Mark Copestake reports More...

Published: Apr 11, 2014 10:20:35 AM

Providing graphics skills through distance learning

Open-source GIS

The Bartlett is providing postgrads with vital graphics skills before they arrive at UCL via the Urban Skills Portal.

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Effective teaching videos

'Frame yourself': an illustration by Mike Howarth

A selection of tips to help create professional-looking, powerful videos that complement face-to-face teaching.

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Gain teaching qualification

UCL Arena logo teaching learning

Formal recognition for HE teaching is available through the UCL Arena scheme. 

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Teachers and support staff rewarded for excellence at dual awards ceremony

15 July 2013

The efforts of some of UCL's best teaching and support staff were recognised last week at a ceremony celebrating both the Provost's Teaching Awards and the new Student Choice Teaching Awards.

Professor Michael Worton, Vice-Provost (International), UCL President and Provost Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, and Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost (Education)

Left-right: Professor Michael Worton, Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, Professor Anthony Smith

On Wednesday July 10 some of UCL's most influential figures, including UCL President and Provost Professor Sir Malcolm Grant, Vice-Provost (Education) Professor Anthony Smith, and Vice-Provost (International) Professor Michael Worton, came together to celebrate the very best of teaching and student support at UCL.

With the Provost's Teaching Awards ceremony also playing host to the inaugural Student Choice Teaching Awards, which were organised and chosen by students, the evening was a celebration of all that is great about teaching at UCL.

In Sir Malcolm's speech, which was the last that he'll give at a Provost's Teaching Awards ceremony (The Provost retires this summer), three points were focused upon: firstly, he commended UCLU on having organised the Student Choice Teaching Awards. The Provost said that these represented a "fantastic step forward" for the university.

Next, the Provost argued that the sheer number of awards being given that night showed that the "dissonance between research and teaching is nonsense", and that uniting the two was "no more challenging than walking and chewing gum at the same time - you just need to care". 

The third point made by the Provost was that many parts of UCL remain siloed, with excellent practice seldom shared around the institution. The importance of teamwork is recognised by the Team Collaboration award, which was introduced last year, and Sir Malcolm joked that ultimately we should be aiming for a team award to be given to the whole of UCL.

Anthony Smith used his speech to emphasise the difficulty the panel experienced in choosing the winners, "especially when excellence is taken as a given". He also paid homage to Michael Worton, who is retiring in September, saying, "Michael has been a tireless champion of teaching in general and these awards in particular. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his advocacy and leadership."

Edwin Clifford-Coupe, UCLU's Education and Campaigns Officer, presented the Student Choice Teaching Awards alongside the Provost, with two members of staff (Isidoros Strouthos and Judy Medrington) becoming double winners.

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