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Formal recognition for HE teaching is available through the UCL Arena scheme. 

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Reason #1 to look forward to the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014: President & Provost Michael Arthur

18 March 2014

The conference is your chance to hear UCL President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur share his views on improving research-based education

Provost Michael Arthur UCL Teaching Learning Conference

What makes a university world class? When UCL President & Provost Professor Michael Arthur pondered that question for a recent Provost’s Long View, he made it clear that cutting edge education and research aren’t enough. To truly set the pace on the world stage, the two need to work together. The message was a familiar one.

“We need not only to be good at teaching our students, but also to become really good at inspiring them,” he wrote in his vision for UCL. “We should move to involving our students in the research process in great detail much earlier in their courses than we currently do; we should move from a research-led kind of pedagogy into a research-based pedagogy.

“Because we are UCL, we can, if we want to, become the very best at this in the world. We can use the outstanding excellence of our research base, and I think we should embed this concept in the DNA of this institution.”

Staff who head to the Bloomsbury Theatre on the morning of Thursday 3 April, can look forward to hearing Professor Michael Arthur explain how.

The UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 currently more than 200 registrants. To book your place visit the registration site

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