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A selection of tips to help create professional-looking, powerful videos that complement face-to-face teaching.

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Formal recognition for HE teaching is available through the UCL Arena scheme. 

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The case for object-based learning

Publication date:

object based learning Italy Ros Duhs

UCL's Dr Ros Duhs engages Italian students in hands-on learning

This month, my interest in promoting object-based learning took me to the Centre for Museum Education at Universita Roma Tre.

Q&A with Marie Fournier

Publication date:

marie fournier interview

UCLU Student Choice Teaching Award-winner Marie Fournier, SELCS, on the educational value of Tintin and mastering Moodle

Highlights of the 2014 NSS results, plus inspiration for improvements in 2015

Publication date:

NSS results 2014

The 2014 NSS results made for encouraging reading for UCL. Not only did the overall institutional satisfaction score jump to 86 per cent, but departments from across the university made significant advances.

More than 50 staff gain UCL Arena Fellowships

Publication date:

UCL Arena logo

Fifty-two members of UCL staff received UCL Arena Fellowships in July in recognition of their teaching experience and expertise.

A student research project has solved the mystery of the Robert Noel heads

Publication date:

Robert Noel plaster cast research based education

“No.34 Murderer.” These few words, handwritten on a tag attached to one of 30 plaster cast heads, represented the first clue for a group of Museum Studies students.

Three quick tips for creating better educational resources

Publication date:

Prepare for the learning journey - Three quick tips for creating better educational resources

Ahead of his EduMedia workshop, former BBC producer Dr Mike Howarth shares three simple ideas that help him produce effective resources

Q&A with Professor Jane Holder

Publication date:

Jane Holder interview

UCLU Student Choice Teaching Award winner Professor Jane Holder, UCL Laws, shares her views on teaching

Your chance to share your teaching practice

Publication date:

UCL Arena Teaching Learning Conference 2014

UCL staff who teach or support learning are invited to submit their presentation ideas for next academic year's UCL Arena Exchange sessions.

The Art of Teaching: Theatre Techniques for the Classroom

Publication date:

art of teaching theatre workshop with Jo Tomalin

Professor Jo Tomalin from San Francisco State University will be at UCL in July to host a series of theatre training workshops designed to help staff develop their teaching.

Teaching-based promotions - a SLMS event on 9 July

Publication date:

promotion event 9 july

Hear from UCL colleagues who have been promoted based on their teaching practice 

The issue of teaching-based promotion comes under the microscope at this SLMS event on Wednesday 9 July.

Introducing EduMedia – video producer Dr Mike Howarth’s new teaching resource workshop

Publication date:

Mike Howarth EduMedia workshop

“We have the technology, but what can we do with it?” asks Dr Mike Howarth. Find out at his 24 July workshop

A look into the future of teaching and learning

Publication date:

horizon report future learning technology

The latest set of Horizon Report predictions inspired a group of UCL technophiles to discuss what’s around the corner

5 useful (but underused) online teaching tools, as selected by E-Learning Environments

Publication date:

Top 5 online teaching tools for you to try

A quick roundup of five lesser-known web tools available to all staff at UCL

1 MyPortfolio

Help improve the Portal and you could win £100 of John Lewis vouchers

Publication date:

John Lewis vouchers competition portal redevelopment survey

The Teaching and Learning Portal – UCL’s one-stop shop for information about teaching – is soon to be redeveloped.

As it happened: The Provost's Teaching Awards 2014

Publication date:

Provost's Teaching Awards

Colleagues, friends and family gathered at the Child Institute of Health on 9 June to congratulate winners of the 2014 Provost's Teaching Awards and UCLU Student Choice Teaching Awards. 

10 tips and tricks for completing your UCL Arena application

Publication date:

Mat Jenner Arena application tips

Senior Fellowship applicant Matt Jenner, E-Learning Environments, offers his advice for writing a UCL Arena Fellowship application

Q&A with Anne Welsh

Publication date:

Anne Welsh teaching Q&A

Anne Welsh, UCL Library and Information Studies, explains why iMovie is her most invaluable teaching tool and predicts what the future holds for higher education teaching

Dr Steve Fossey presents Undergraduates as Researchers: A View from the Observatory on 19 June

Publication date:

supernova steve fossey research-based education

Also known as: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Thermonuclear Stella Bomb which Exploded my Course Planning

Student Object-based Research – a UCL Arena event on 12 June

Publication date:

Object based learning arena session research

Museum objects can be used in teaching in a variety of ways. This UCL Arena Exchange seminar promises to help participants learn how objects can enhance subject knowledge and support research-based education.

What Will You be Using in Five Years’ Time? A UCL Arena and E-Learning event on 9 June

Publication date:

Horizon Report 2014 summits Horizons event future teaching technology

Get a glimpse into the future of learning technology at the final Summits & Horizons event of the academic year.

The Bartlett to stage MOOCs conference on 1 July

Publication date:

MOOCs elearning conference Bartlett

UCL staff and students are invited to reserve their places at the 2014 Bartlett Future Pedagogy Conference.

The topic at this year’s event is MOOCs, E-learning and Beyond: Exploring the Future of Virtual Built Environment Teaching.

“Leaders in education must receive the same rewards as leaders in research”

Publication date:

Dilly Fung CALT Director UCL Arena Connected Curriculum

CALT Director Dr Dilly Fung shares her views on the promotion debate, good teaching and what it will take to push education forward at UCL

Watch highlights of the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014

Publication date:

President and Provost Michael Arthur UCL Teaching Learning Conference speech

Speeches given at the UCL Teaching and Learning Conference 2014 are now available to watch online.

The Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching, which organised the April conference, has collected footage of several key presentations on its website.

5 things you need to create educational podcasts

Publication date:

podcasting tips ucl teaching learning georgia pantelli

From podcasting equipment to platforms, PhD student Georgia Panteli shares her advice on creating effective audio

Your invitation to the UCL Academy Summer Reception at UCL on 3 June

Publication date:

UCL Academy summer 2014 reception and networking

Vice-Provost (Education) Professor Anthony Smith invites UCL staff to meet people from UCL Academy and celebrate the institutions’ relationship

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