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Teaching and Learning Strategy 2010-15

Dr Alan Parkinson running a seminar

Teachers' beliefs about learning and teaching

According to the literature, the way we are taught influences the way that we teach. This affects not only the way in which teaching is practiced but also the way that course materials are ‘selected, organised, presented and assessed’ (Eley, 2002). Two essential considerations, then, are how teaching staff may be internationalising provision through integrating their own culturally located educational experiences and how a department can capture these teaching styles to enable participation in the design of curricula.

The experiences of staff: some UCL autobiographies

These texts have kindly been provided by past participants on UCL's MA programme 'Exploring Learning and Teaching in Higher Education'.


Nine powerful questions were posed by academics across UCL stimulating further questions, beliefs and suggestions, extending and deepening dialogue with the wider UCL academic community.

Read these questions and the themes and discussion points from a UCL cross-disciplinary colloquium in June 2009.


  • How are programmes of learning that consider different conceptions and beliefs of learning and teaching designed?
  • How do departments use staff diversity for student learning and staff development?
  • What function does the Peer Review process have for the internationalisation of the curriculum?
  • How can a department encourage active participation and ensure representation of multiple perspectives within course design?

If you would like information and advice on approaches that can be taken please contact Elizabeth Grant (020 7679 8334; internal extension 48334).

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To find out more about internationalising the curriculum at UCL, contact a CALT schools-facing teaching fellow.

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