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Framework for development

Based upon a Conceptual Framework Indicating Influences on Student Learning (Entwistle, 2003), these pages pose questions and suggest practice consistent with a pedagogic approach that encourages internationalisation.

Teachers' conceptions and beliefs about learning and teaching


UCL comprises academics and learning support staff from a range of cultural backgrounds, with differing conceptions and beliefs about teaching and learning. How do these different viewpoints influence student learning? How can course designers use this diversity to develop curricula? Find out more...

The aims of the course


What is the context of the course or module?

And why is the international and intercultural dimension relevant to it?

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Designing a process for learning and teaching


What kind of assessment methods and techniques for teaching and learning are helpful? Find out ways in which the UCL teaching community have approached this question.

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Tutor-student interactions


Who are your students? Why is the international/intercultural dimension relevant to them? What is their role in the development of curriculum? How do you encourage active participation in learning?

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Reflecting on your course and design of learning


How do you know if your curriculum is internationalised? What techniques are available?

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To find out more about internationalising the curriculum at UCL, contact a CALT schools-facing teaching fellow.

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