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Focus on Museum Studies

Museum Studies students come from around the world and have distinct sociocultural identities. Being able to communicate effectively and in culturally sensitive ways is a key element of effective group work carried out as part of the Museum Communication course (exhibition element). Intercultural understanding and respect become part of students’ professional ethos.

The exhibition project facilitates professional development on different levels: it encourages students to reflect on the content and nature of the activities (personal level); it involves working in a team with other UCL departments and external organisations (social level); and it highlights specific items with the domain knowledge base (professional level).

Dr Theano Moussouri, who coordinates the projects, says:

"My approach is founded on values and principles which produce a range of student benefits and at the same time feature high on key UCL strategies that inform the Internationalisation of the Curriculum."


Penny Wilson, New Zealand

- Victoria and Albert Museum

Penny Wilson discusses working in teams and different cultural contexts.


Amy Wedderburn, UK

- English Heritage

Wedderburn explains how to apply knowledge and skills in a different organisational context.


Claire Costin, UK

- British Museum

Costin explores ways in which different organisations work.

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