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Tutor-student interactions


Learning conversations

The concept of 'learning conversations' was first proposed by Gordon Pask in the 1970s. It is helpful when thinking about structuring learning that recognises the backgrounds and prior learning of students. Read the Quality Improvement Agency's paper on learning conversations.

Further information about the work of Gordon Pask and development of the concept can be found here:

Emotional intelligence

The value of emotional intelligence, a concept first proposed by David Goreman (1995), is now being explored in the context of higher education (Mortiboys, 2005). Its relevance to the international curriculum is articulated by Sherlock (2005) as promoting values of open-mindedness, inclusion, respect and tolerance.

Read Alan Mortiboys' paper, Teaching with Emotional Intelligence


If you would like information and advice on approaches that can be taken, contact a CALT schools-facing teaching fellow.

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