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The aims of the course

Clearly articulated aims within documentation that can be readily understood by students and tutors are an essential component of a good curriculum. Choosing aims that demand individual understanding, and ensuring that teaching methods encourage and support those aims, are key to effective learning (Biggs and Perkins, 2003).

When considering the aims of a programme of learning it is worth considering the following:

Why is international/intercultural learning significant for:

a) Your course
b) Your discipline
c) Student development (knowledge, skills and attributes)


How do you express this significance to your students?

Examples of good practice

Subject Benchmark Statements are helpful points of reference for reflection and discussion. These statements, written by academic experts from disciplines associated with each subject area, can be helpful for reflecting upon the aims of curricula. Within many of these statements a disciplinary global dimension can be found.

Further reading


To find out more about internationalising the curriculum at UCL, contact a CALT schools-facing teaching fellow.

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