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"Internationalisation of the curriculum recognises the contribution disciplines make towards a globally connected knowledge society."

Liz Grant, CALT

UCL global citizens

Education for global citizenship

The university's unique concept of education for global citizenship encapsulates everything UCL does to prepare students for the intellectual, social and personal challenges they will encounter throughout their lives. In practical terms, it means that UCL will:

  • Deliver an internationalised curriculum across all disciplines
  • Design and deliver programmes which foster entrepreneurship, teamwork and leadership skills, with an eye to preparation for future employment
  • Explore the use of innovative learning and teaching environments, including digital spaces and London as an extension of the UCL campus
  • Harness the potential of new methodologies and tools for learning, including object-based learning and undergraduate research activity
  • Encourage innovation in course content through increased multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Prepare students for the global employment market through an emphasis on language skills and communication, by promoting study abroad to all students and by prioritising careers guidance
  • Encourage students to recognise the potential for learning in a range of contexts, including through extracurricular activity, employment and volunteering, and to develop the skills they will need to continue as learners far beyond their time at UCL

To find out more, visit UCL's Global Citizenship website.

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