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"One of UCL's great strengths is the way in which excellence in research feeds into excellence in teaching and vice versa."

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Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching

The UCL Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT) offers professional development opportunities, advice, resources, and scholarly collaboration with and between staff across UCL on teaching and learning enhancement projects.

CALT has six school-facing teaching fellows dedicated to providing subject-specific teaching and learning guidance and advice on how to implement UCL’s teaching and learning priorities. 

You can click on the accordion below to find out who the school-facing teaching fellows are along with a bit about their backgrounds and details of how to contact them, or scroll down to learn more about CALT's role.

Teaching fellows for BEAMS (School of the Built Environment, Engineering and Mathematical and Physical Sciences)

Jason Davies, senior school-facing teaching fellow for BEAMS

Dr Jason Davies, Senior School-Facing Teaching Fellow

Having researched and/or taught in five departments and four faculties within UCL, Jason joined CALT in 2003 and ran the old MA Education (amongst other roles).

His eclectic background is centred in Classics but he has worked on history of science and languages. This 'Humanities' centre of gravity is offset by many years of working in interdisciplinary environments, such as the four-year UCL research programme on Evidence, Inference and Inquiry.

Jason's particular interest is in how knowledge systems function in different environments, design and strategy. He has taught foreign languages, history, anthropology, history of science and on research as a field of practice, and has published in history and on interdisciplinarity.

Jason's current focus is on developing applications of, and insights from,  Mary Douglas's Cultural Theory in connection with education and academic culture.

To get in touch with Jason, email j.p.davies@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 7679 1991 (internal extension 41991).

Dr Jenny Marie, senior schools-facing teaching fellow for BEAMS

Dr Jenny Marie, Senior School-Facing Teaching Fellow

Jenny joined CALT in 2005, focusing on the professional development of students. She has worked with staff across the university to improve the opportunities that exist for students to enhance their ability to learn and become more employable.

Jenny is very familiar with BEAMS, having taught students (and staff) from all three of its faculties and having served on the Bartlett’s Faculty Teaching Committee for a number of years.

Jenny has wide-ranging interests, which include learning environments and reflective and experiential learning.

To get in touch with Jenny, email j.marie@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 7679 8334 (internal extension 48334).

Teaching fellows for SLASH (School of Arts and Humanities, Laws, Social and Historical Studies, Slavonic and Eastern European Studies)

Nick Grindle, senior school-facing teaching fellow for SLASH

Dr Nick Grindle, Senior School-Facing Teaching Fellow

As well as his work with SLASH, Nick is second chair for two MA modules (Practical Learning Environments and the MA Dissertation) for the year 2011-2012. He also contributes to three pan-UCL programmes and a range of short courses and events.

Nick joined CALT in September 2011 from the History of Art department. He has also taught and been a consultant at the Open University and lectured at Oxford Brookes University, Imperial College and Birkbeck.

Nick has a special interest in the ways that teachers conceive the relationship between teaching and professional practice within a subject area, especially with regard to research, assessment and feedback.

To get in touch with Nick, email n.grindle@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 7679 8282 (internal extension 48282).

Paul Walker, senior school-facing teaching fellow for SLASH

Dr Paul Walker, Principal Teaching Fellow

Paul is a highly experienced university teacher with an extensive track record of innovation and learning enhancement in higher education across a wide range of disciplines. 

His enthusiasm for empowering adult learners has extended from his background in the physical sciences across a range of sectors, including commerce and industry, legal education and the broadcast media.

Paul's more recent interests and accomplishments are in creating programmes of professional development for postgraduate researchers, and in deeper learning at all levels. He continues to believe passionately in the potential benefits of higher education. His current affiliation has him focused on curriculum and teaching development in social sciences, arts and humanities and laws at UCL.

To get in touch with Paul, email paul.walker@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 7679 1666 (internal extension 41666).

Teaching fellows for SLMS (School of Life and Medical Sciences)

Rosalind Duhs, senior school-facing teaching fellow for SLMS

Dr Rosalind Duhs, Senior School-Facing Teaching Fellow

As well as her work with SLMS, Rosalind teaches short courses across the university and tutors MAEd students. She has worked in higher education in Stockholm, Sweden, and helped to set up a centre for the development of teaching and learning there, designing a range of courses.

Rosalind is interested in assessment and feedback and e-learning, as well as object-based learning using museum collections. She holds a Master of Education in post-compulsory learning and her PhD thesis was a comparative study of learning to teach in higher education in England and Sweden.

To get in touch with Rosalind, email r.duhs@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 7679 1673 (internal extension 41673).

Dr Teresa McConlogue, senior schools-facing teaching fellow for SLMS

Dr Teresa McConlogue, Senior School-Facing Teaching Fellow

Teresa joined CALT in October 2012 from Queen Mary, University of London, where she worked across the college to support teaching and learning in Biomedical Engineering, Biosciences, Humanities and Social Sciences. She supported staff in the School of Engineering and Materials Sciences to introduce peer and collaborative assessment and carried out an evaluation of this work. She has collaborated with academic staff to redesign large first-year modules, aiming to support students in making the transition from school to university.

Teresa’s areas of interest are in peer and collaborative assessment and writing in the disciplines. She has an MA in Linguistics and Modern English Language; her PhD study investigated the educational beliefs and knowledge of online tutors. She has taught in the UK and overseas, in Moscow, Czech Republic and Poland.

To get in touch with Teresa, email t.mcconlogue@ucl.ac.uk or call 020 7679 5941 (internal extension 45941).

If you have a general enquiry about learning and teaching, call CALT on 020 7679 1610 (internal extension 41610) or email calt@ucl.ac.uk.

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