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Case Studies - Internationalisation of the curriculum and global citizenship

An introduction to internationalising the curriculum

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internationalisation of the curriculum introduction

A practical guide to adding an international perspective to taught courses

In order to prepare students to become global citizens, the internalisation of each curriculum is a priority at UCL. Whatever their discipline or level of study, students should gain an international perspective on their subject, on its application and on themselves.

How to keep students engaged - lessons from the UCL Global Citizenship Programme 2014

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Shivani Singh global citizenship student engagement

Shivani Singh shares what she learned from leading a voluntary summer school course

Without the carrot of a qualification to dangle before participants, the UCL Global Citizenship Programme has to work extra hard to attract and retain students. One of the chief ways course leaders do that is by developing ever more engaging methods of teaching. And according to the numbers, the hard work is paying off.

Saving sight in West Africa through skills development

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Course designers prepare for the group photo

Dr Rosalind Duhs reports on her trip to Abuja, Nigeria, where she helped design a curriculum for local eye surgeons

Collaborating with health centres in Tanzania and Jamaica

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Professor Timothy McHugh teaching in Tanzania at the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre

Professor Tim McHugh, Director of the UCL Centre for Clinical Microbiology, explains why working with and in resource-poor countries is so important, both for research and teaching.

Quick-fire teaching: the languages of the Danube

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Antique map

Find out how nine teaching fellows went about designing a set of six-hour courses aimed at teaching undergraduate students languages from around the Danube. The case study was compiled by Jelena Čalić, Ramona Gonczol, Lily Kahn, Sabine Lins, Christina Parte, Eszter Tarsoly and Olga Willet.

Real-life planning scenario based on Dar es Salaam

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Students role-play a protest

Dr Kamna Patel tells us about the week-long scenario-based learning exercise students at the Development Planning Unit (DPU) undertook in Autumn 2012.

The transcultural language of art

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Students visiting the Slade School of Fine Art

Andrew Stahl, Head of Undergraduate Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art, explains how he uses international residencies to aide his students' global understanding.

Intercultural understanding in Museum Studies

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Rare books

Museum Studies students come from around the world and have distinct sociocultural identities. Being able to communicate effectively and in culturally sensitive ways is a key element of effective group work carried out as part of the Museum Communication course (exhibition element). Intercultural understanding and respect become part of students’ professional ethos.

Five years' experience of running an online MSc course

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Antique map

In this PowerPoint presentation, Professor Trish Greenhalgh shares experiences and research interviews collected during the running of an online Master's course in the UCL Medical School.

Hosting Brazilian students through Science without Borders

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Students on a bench

Dr Marco Federighi, Faculty Tutor in Engineering, talks about UCL’s collaboration with Science without Borders to enable Brazilian students to study in London.

Studying in Paris for a Dual Master's

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Luca Iemi, a postgraduate student in the Institute of Neurology, explains the appeal of doing half of his Master’s in Paris.

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