"Teaching is about creating those moments where the world suddenly makes a little bit more sense." 

Dr Ben Hanson, Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Student working with animal skeleton in the Grant Museum

Object-based learning case studies

Below are some examples of innovative uses and methods of object-based learning taking place around UCL.

Study of the Borghese Gladiator, c1600, Anonymous (UCL Art Museum 4726)

Using anatomical drawings to help teach Shakespeare

Dr Chris Laoutaris, from the Department of English Language and Literature, explains how he used the UCL Art Museum to help his students understand Shakespeare plays. More...

Published: Aug 9, 2013 12:32:37 PM

Object-based learning in the Grant Museum

'Mystery specimen' project

Dr Helen Chatterjee, Senior Lecturer in Biology and Deputy Director of Museums, explains why there are so many puzzled-looking students in the Grant Museum of Zoology. More...

Published: Aug 9, 2013 12:28:55 PM

Rare books

Intercultural understanding in Museum Studies

Museum Studies students come from around the world and have distinct sociocultural identities. Being able to communicate effectively and in culturally sensitive ways is a key element of effective group work carried out as part of the Museum Communication course (exhibition element). Intercultural understanding and respect become part of students’ professional ethos. More...

Published: Aug 7, 2013 5:12:19 PM

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