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Amanda Cain


Dr Amanda Cain, Teaching Fellow, Structural & Molecular Biology

Amanda has made significant contributions to the advancement of teaching and learning at UCL by developing novel teaching initiatives and, crucially, engaging proactively and effectively with staff and students to embed these innovations quickly into the undergraduate curriculum.

She is mainly involved in the coordination and delivery of large courses taken by students on many differing degree programmes. One of her key aims is to streamline delivery and improve feedback whilst also ensuring that large courses can deliver necessary content, adapting to the interests and needs of students from a wide range of degree programmes. 

With increasingly large numbers of students on biosciences courses, Amanda has developed new marking techniques and continuous assessment throughout the year using online Moodle quiz assessments and tutorial exercises.

She has also undertaken several projects to enhance students' numerical skills, including the creation of numeric helplines by students. These are added to all first- and second-year biosciences courses to help students familiarise themselves with key numerical concepts and practise their skills.

A particular aim of Amanda's is to develop short videos, using everyday scenarios, to conceptualise explanations of problem areas. The topics covered will be derived from student comments and the films will be hosted on whichever platform students feel offers the best support for their needs.

Amanda regularly works with colleagues both within structural and molecular biology and elsewhere, seizing every opportunity to win funding in order to undertake further innovative projects in teaching and assessment.