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Team Collaboration

Bartlett FEM team: Professor Alexi Marmot, Mr Peter McLennan, Dr Fuzhan Nasiri, Professor Michael Pitt and Dr Ljiljana Marjanovic-Halburd (joint award)


Global delivery of a Master's programme using blended learning has been developed by the Bartlett team responsible for the MSc in Facility and Environment Management.

The course is delivered via traditional face-to-face teaching in London and live video and block teaching in Singapore. Moodle is used extensively for course materials including lectures on video and a discussion forum, and the team have also introduced video-conferencing technology through one-click booking and video tutorials in order to improve academic and pastoral care for the Singapore cohort.

Enrolment has more than doubled and grades between both student cohorts are comparable. The blended learning model can be replicated in other geographies or extended into distance learning.

UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering team: Professor Nick Tyler, Professor Richard Simons, Dr Paul Greening and Dr Julia Stegemann (joint award)


Nominally awarded to founding Programme Directors Professor Richard Simons and Dr Julia Stegemann, Head of Department Professor Nick Tyler and Director of Studies Dr Paul Greening, this award applies to all teaching staff in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering for their contributions to developing and delivering radically new undergraduate degree programmes which opened for business in 2006.


The new programmes have transformed the teaching and learning experiences of staff and students in the department. They couple a rigorous technical education with broader contextual courses in a framework punctuated by a series of stimulating multi-disciplinary projects – ‘scenarios’ – that motivate students to ‘change the world’.


The introduction and delivery of the programmes is an excellent example of academic and administrative collaboration within the department and across College. The outcome has been a genuine engagement of students with their studies throughout the degree programmes, a dramatic reduction in dropout and failure rates and a significant improvement in final degree grades.