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Post-disaster interdisciplinary scenario seminar

In 2010 the Disaster Planning Unit were awarded a Teaching Innovations Grant (formerly known as ESCILTA) to help fund a scenario seminar.

The aim of the seminar was to give students a real life learning experience and develop a recovery plan for the 2005 Kashmir earthquake based on data captured two months after the disaster. The seminar involved 40 students from the Development Planning Unit, the MSc in Earthquake Engineering with Disaster Management and the Bartlett School of Planning. On the day of the seminar, UN staff and NGO activists in Pakistan helped students with their work via Skype communication. The students also received feedback from industry representatives (ARUP and independent consultants).

In this video, Dr Camillo Buano from the Disaster Planning Unit discusses the seminar, the importance of learning by doing, and collaborating with outside experts and other departments in more detail: