• The archaeology of death in ancient and medieval Ethiopia.

  • Megalithic monuments in Ethiopia, Eritrea, the African Horn in general and beyond. Their socio-economic and other significance and chronology.

  • Ethiopian Archaeology of the proto-historical and historical Œpre-Aksumiteš and Aksumite periods, First Millennia BC and AD.

  • The history and archaeology of Islam in Eastern Africa.

  • Ancient, Medieval and Modern Ethiopian History. History of Ethiopian burial practices.

  • Oral traditions, their importance, validity and significance in the study of the history of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  • Comparative and anthropological approaches to demographic, ethnic, social and cultural change among the South Semitic-speaking peoples (GeŒez, Tigre, Tigray, Amhara, Guraghe, Harari, Argobba etc.) in the Horn of Africa.

  • Historical Linguistics, Ethnohistory, and Architecture of Eastern Africa with particular emphasis of Northern Ethiopia and Eritrea.

  • Archaeology and History of the Semitic World, including North-East of Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya), South Arabia and the Semitic part of the Middle East.

  • Ethnoarchaeological and material culture studies in the Horn of Africa.