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A. Books

i. Books and theses

Mallet, J. (1978). The evening behaviour of two Lepidoptera: Heliconius melpomene (L.) (Nymphalidae) and Hepialus humuli (L.) (Hepialidae).  iv+86 pp.  MSc thesis, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. See also publications from this thesis: On Heliconius roosting behaviour: Mallet 1980, Mallet 1986c; and on Hepialidae mating behaviour: Mallet 1984

Mallet, J. (1984). Population structure and evolution in Heliconius butterflies. xv+160 pp. PhD dissertation, University of Texas at Austin.  May, 1984. See also publications from this dissertation: On hybrid zones between mimicry races Mallet 1986a, on dispersal of juvenile Heliconius erato butterflies Mallet 1986b, Mallet 1986c, and on correlations between habitat, roosting behaviour, and mimicry in Heliconius Mallet & Gilbert 1995

ii. Edited books

Patterson, C. (1998). Evolution. 2nd Edition. ix+166 pp. Natural History Museum/Cornell University Press. (Updated, edited and corrected after Colin Patterson’s death by J. Mallet & P.L. Forey; foreword by P.L. Forey and J. Mallet).

iii. Book chapters

Mallet, J. (1993).  Speciation, raciation, and colour pattern evolution in Heliconius butterflies: the evidence from hybrid zones.  In Harrison, R.G. (ed.): Hybrid Zones and the Evolutionary Process.  Oxford University Press. pp. 226-260. REPRINT (22.8 MB)

Mallet, J. (1996).  The genetics of biological diversity: from varieties to species.  In Gaston, K. (ed.): Biodiversity: Biology of Numbers and Difference.  Blackwell Press. pp. 13-47.

Brookes, M., Emelianov, I., McMillan, O., Rose, O., & Mallet, J. (1996).  A quick guide to genetic and molecular markers used in biodiversity studies.  In Gaston, K. (ed.): Biodiversity: Biology of Numbers and Difference.  Blackwell Press. pp. 48-53.

Brown, T.M., Bryson, P.K., Arnette, F., Roof, M., Mallet, J.L.B., Graves, J.B., & Nemec, S.J. (1996). Surveillance of resistant acetylcholinesterase in Heliothis virescens.  In Brown, T.M. (ed.) Molecular Genetics and Evolution of Pesticide Resistance.  ACS Symposium, 645: 149-157.

Mallet, J. (1996). Species and conservation. In Crozier, R.H. (ed.) Setting Conservation Priorities. James Cook University, Townsville (circulated as a manuscript). REPRINT

Mallet, J., Jiggins, C.D., & McMillan, W.O. (1998). Mimicry and warning colour at the boundary between races and species.  In  Howard, D.J. & Berlocher, S.H. (eds.) Endless Forms: Species and Speciation.  Oxford University Press. pp.390-403. REPRINT (10.7 MB)

Mallet, J.L.B., & Turner, J.R.G. (1998).  Biotic drift or the shifting balance: did forest islands drive the diversity of warningly coloured butterflies?  In Grant, P.R. (ed.) Evolution on Islands.  Oxford University Press. pp. 262-280. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1998).  Species concepts. In Calow, P. (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Ecology and Environmental Management. Blackwell Press.  pp. 709-711. PREPRINT

Mallet, J. (1998).  Isolating mechanisms.  In Calow, P. (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Ecology and Environmental Management. Blackwell Press.  pp. 379-380. PREPRINT

Mallet, J. (2001, 2007).  Species, concepts of.  In Levin, S. et al. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Biodiversity.  Volume 5. Academic Press. pp. 427-440. Online update 1, pp. 1-15, Elsevier, Oxford. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (2001, 2007).  Subspecies, semispecies, superspecies.  In Levin, S. et al. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Biodiversity.  Volume 5. Academic Press. pp. 523-526. Online update 1, pp. 1-5, Elsevier, Oxford. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (2001).  Gene flow.  In: Woiwod, I.P., Reynolds, D.R. & Thomas, C.D.  (Eds.) Insect Movement: Mechanisms and Consequences. CAB International, Wallingford, UK. pp. 337-360. REPRINT

Taneyhill, D.E., Mallet, J., Wynne, I., Burke, S., Pullin, A.S., Wilson, R.J., Butlin, R.K., Hatcher, M.J., Shorrocks, B., & Thomas, C.D. (2003). Estimating rates of gene flow in endemic butterfly races: the effect of metapopulation dynamics. In: Genes in the Environment. (Eds: Hails, R.; Beringer, J., Godfray, H.C.J.). Blackwell Science, Oxford, 3-25.

B. Journal articles

Mallet, J., & Jackson, D.A. (1980). The ecology and social behaviour of the Neotropical butterfly Heliconius xanthocles Bates in Colombia.  Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 70:1-13. REPRINT

Mallet, J., & Longino, J.T. (1982) Hostplant records and descriptions of juvenile stages for two rare species of Eueides (Nymphalidae).  Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society 36:118-126. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1984). Sex roles in the ghost moth Hepialus humuli (L.) and a review of mating behaviour in the Hepialidae (Lepidoptera). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 80:67-82. REPRINT

Knapp, S.D., & Mallet, J. (1985). Two new species of Passiflora (Passifloraceae) from Panama, with comments on their biology.  Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 71:1068-1074. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1986). Hybrid zones of Heliconius butterflies in Panama and the stability and movement of warning colour clines.  Heredity 56:191-202. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1986). Dispersal and gene flow in a butterfly with home range behavior: Heliconius erato (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae).  Oecologia 68:210-217. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1986). Gregarious roosting and home range in Heliconius butterflies.  National Geographic Research 2:198-215. REPRINT (low-res, 5.7 MB), REPRINT (high-res, 17.0 MB)

Singer, M.C., & Mallet, J. (1986). Moss-feeding by a satyrine butterfly.  Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera 24:392. REPRINT

Mallet, J., Longino, J.T., Murawski, D., Murawski, A., & Simpson de Gamboa, A. (1987). Handling effects in Heliconius: where do all the butterflies go?  Journal of Animal Ecology 56:377-386. REPRINT PRESS

Mallet, J., & Singer, M.C. (1987). Individual selection, kin selection, and the shifting balance in the evolution of warning colours: the evidence from butterflies.  Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 32:337-350. REPRINT

Thomas, C., Ng, D., Singer, M., Mallet, J., Parmesan, C., & Billington, H. (1987). Incorporation of a European weed into the diet of a North American herbivore.  Evolution 41:892-901.

Mallet, J. & Barton, N.H. (1989). Strong natural selection in a warning-color hybrid zone.  Evolution 43:421-431. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1989).  The genetics of warning colour in Peruvian hybrid zones of Heliconius erato and H. melpomene.  Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B 236:163-185. REPRINT

Mallet, J. & Barton, N. (1989).  Inference from clines stabilized by frequency-dependent selection.  Genetics 122:967-976. REPRINT; HI-RES FIGURES to enable selection/migration estimates

Mallet, J. (1989).  Insecticide resistance: have the insects won?  Trends in Ecology and Evolution 4:336-340. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1989).  Modeling: insecticide mixtures vs. rotations as ways of delaying the evolution of resistance.  Pesticide Resistance Management 1(2):26-27.

Mallet, J. (1990). Reply from J.L.B. Mallet.  (To "Evolution of insecticide resistance", by A. Callaghan et al.).  Trends in Ecology and Evolution 5:164-165.

Mallet, J., Barton, N., Lamas M., G., Santisteban C., J., Muedas M., M. & Eeley, H. (1990).  Estimates of selection and gene flow from measures of cline width and linkage disequilibrium in Heliconius hybrid zones.  Genetics 124:921-936. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1990).  Is mimicry theory unpalatable?  Trends Ecology and Evolution 5: 344-345. REPRINT

Mallet, J. & Luttrell, R.G. (1991).  A model of insecticidal control failure: the example of Heliothis virescens on cotton.  Southwestern Entomologist, Supplement 15: 201-212. REPRINT

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Mallet, J., Korman, A., Heckel, D.G., & King, P. (1993).  Biochemical genetics of Heliothis and Helicoverpa (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), and evidence for a founder event in Helicoverpa zea.  Annals of the Entomological Society of America 86:189-197. REPRINT

Korman, A., Mallet, J., Goodenough, J., Graves, J.B., Hayes, J.L., Hendricks, D.E., Luttrell, R.G., Pair, S.D., & Wall, M. (1993).  Population structure of Heliothis virescens (F.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): an estimate of gene flow.  Annals of the Entomological Society of America 86:182-188. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1993).  Possible problems with strategies against insect adaptation to transgenic insecticidal crops.  Resistant Pest Management 5(1): 24-25.

Mallet, J. & Fritzius, R. (1993).  Genetic evidence for insecticide resistance in sibling species of the mosquito Anopheles quadrimaculatus.  Resistant Pest Management 5(1): 25-26. REPRINT

Rose, O.C., Brookes, M.I., & Mallet, J.L.B. (1994).  A quick and simple nonlethal method for extracting DNA from butterfly wings.  Molecular Ecology 3: 275. REPRINT

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Mallet, J. (1995). A species definition for the modern synthesis. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 10: 294-299 PREPRINT.REPRINT

Emelianov, I., Mallet, J. & Baltensweiler, W. (1995). Genetic differentiation in the larch budmoth Zeiraphera diniana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae): polymorphism, host races or sibling species? Heredity 75: 416-424. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1995).  A functional species definition. [Correspondence: reply to Gabby Dover & Edmund Gittenburger].  Trends in Ecology and Evolution 10: 490-491. REPRINT

Mallet, J. (1996). What are good species?  [Correspondence: reply to Kerry Shaw]. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 11: 174-175. REPRINT

Turner, J.R.G. & Mallet, J.L.B. (1996).  Did forest islands drive the diversity of warningly coloured butterflies? Biotic drift and the shifting balance. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society (B)351: 835-845. REPRINT

Mallet, J., Jiggins, C.D. & McMillan, W.O. (1996).  Evolution: mimicry meets the mitochondrion. Current Biology 6: 937-940. REPRINT

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Jiggins, C.D., McMillan, W.O. & Mallet, J.L.B. (1997).  Host plant adaptation has not played a rôle in the recent speciation of Heliconius himera and Heliconius erato (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Ecological Entomology 22: 361-365. REPRINT

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Jiggins, C.D., Linares, M., Naisbit, R.E., Salazar, C., Yang, Z. & Mallet, J. (2001). Sex-linked hybrid sterility in a butterfly. Evolution 55: 1631-1638.REPRINT. The program BETABINO written by Ziheng Yang, and used for likelihood based analysis of count data using the beta-binomial distribution is also available: BETABINO. Manual for program betabino.pdf.

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Isaac, N.J.B., Mallet, J., & Mace, G.M. (2004).  Taxonomic inflation: its influence on macroecology and conservation.  Trends in Ecology and Evolution 19(9): 464-469.   REPRINT

C. Other publications

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D. Book reviews

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