A walk through Bates' and Wallace's Leicester
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New Walk, Leicester
The New Walk, Leicester, was so named because it became a pedestrian precinct in the 18th Century. Henry Walter Bates' father, Henry Bates (known locally as 'Honest Harry Bates'), was a well-to-do dyer of hosiery. Henry Walter was born very near the New Walk, on 8th February 1825, at 16 Waterloo St.  His parents had moved by 1841 to a house built by Henry Bates on Queen St., where his father provided him with a study-bedroom. In 1851 they moved to 21 King St.  I don't know what the Bates family's houses looked like, but given that Henry Walter had a study-bedroom of his own, it must have been at least as big as this one on the New Walk.
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