Information for Teachers/Careers Advisors

Info for Teachers

We are keen to make links with teachers in our target schools. You have an important role to play in achieving the goals of Target Medicine. There are three specific ways that you can get involved:

  1. Encouraging Year 12 students who want to go to medical school to apply to our Mentoring Scheme - the application process for which opens in September.
  2. Encouraging Year 11 students who have an interest in studying medicine to apply to our Summer School - the application process for which opens in January.
  3. Arranging for our Outreach Team to visit your school to deliver talks that will inspire and encourage students to consider studying medicine. These talks can be adapted for delivery to both primary and secondary school students.
  4. Coming along with your students to one of our Outreach Events at UCL, involving a short talk by current UCL Medical Students and then a short tour of parts of the university campus.

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