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About Target Medicine

Target Medicine recognises the disadvantage young people from non-selective state schools may face when applying to medical school. They may have the aspiration, desire and ability to study medicine but not receive the necessary support and guidance when making their applications. Target Medicine aims to rectify this.

The work of our volunteers takes place to fit with the whole of the application process and therefore runs over a calendar year rather than an academic year.

As a member of the Mentoring Scheme you and your team would work with a small group of AS/A2 students to give them a better understanding of what is needed to be a successful applicant to medical school. You would provide structured support and guidance to them throughout the application process.

In addition, we run a series of large events at UCL, both as part of the Mentoring Scheme and to inspire children and young people in non-selective primary and secondary schools to consider that a career in medicine could be for them. As a member of the Mentoring Scheme you will be expected to assist with one of these sessions in addition to your Mentoring role in your team.

Training and Support

As a Target Medicine volunteer you will be fully trained in mentoring, presentation skills and group work. This training takes place on four or five Wednesday evenings during the autumn term. The project is structured so that every volunteer is well supported by team leaders, peers and staff.

What’s in it for medical students?

  • The opportunity to inspire and enable others to study medicine
  • The satisfaction of contributing from your personal experience
  • The opportunity to mentor school/college students
  • Working with like-minded peers
  • Training opportunities
  • Valuable experience of team work
  • Development of skills and expertise in event organisation, teaching, presentation, project management, leadership and group work
  • It’s worthwhile but it’s also fun!

Quotes from previous volunteers

“Target Medicine has reminded me how privileged I am to be a medical student, and how much I want to help enable anybody who wants to be here to get here.”

“Target Medicine is a great opportunity to work with young people from backgrounds not well represented at medical school.”

“Knowing you are making the difference to students who otherwise would not have any support with their applications is a fulfilling and rewarding experience.”

“It’s been amazing to see the development of many of the students in Target Medicine and their progression over the year.”

“During my time with Target Medicine I have had the opportunity to mentor, teach and perform presentations, learning skills that will prove very useful throughout my medical career.”


  • Team Leader Applications Y4 & Y5 please apply by 10am on Wednesday 14th September. Y2 & 3 please apply by 10am on Monday 3rd October
  • Y2 SSC applications – please apply directly to Target Medicine by 5pm on Thursday October 6th. This is so that we can process your application before the Medical School SSC deadline.
  • All other volunteer applications and Y1 SSC applications please apply by 5pm on Sunday October 9th.

Application Guidelines

Please read the Application Guidelines before submitting your application.

To apply

For more information including relevant dates and application instructions, please visit the website

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