Information for Parents/Carers

Info for Parents

Mission statement

Does your son or daughter have the desire and ability to study medicine but perhaps not the confidence or knowledge to find their way through the application process?

Target Medicine is here to help. Our teams of medical students will guide them along the way, giving practical help and advice and inspiring them to persevere and to work hard at their studies.

The medical students have all been through the medical school application process and have invaluable knowledge and experience to contribute. They are enjoying their time at medical school and are passionate about opening up these opportunities to others, which is why they volunteer for this project.

All volunteers are well trained and are CRB checked.

Your part in this

You have an important part to play. You can encourage your daughter or son to sign up for the project and support them along the way. You can give them positive feedback about their hard work and cheer them up when the going’s tough. You can help them to complete their goals between sessions and to believe in their ability to succeed.

Parents/Carers introductory evening

Why? For parents/carers to find out more about the Target Medicine Mentoring Scheme for sixth formers

When? Wednesday 9 January 2013 between 6.30 and 8pm

Where? At UCL, venue to be confirmed

For more information please email:

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