Information for Health Care Professionals

Info for Health Care Professionals

There are various ways health care professionals might like to get involved:

1. Take part in the 'Meet the Doctor' evening session that takes place once a year (Wednesday February 13th next year)

Structured much like an OSCE, small groups of AS students who are in the mentoring scheme rotate round several doctors from different disciplines in the course of the evening to hear about their work. The idea is to give them the chance to meet real doctors, hear about their jobs and be further inspired to persevere with their application.

2. Recruit friends/colleagues for the 'Meet the Doctor ' session

e.g. doctors working in A&E (and helicopters!) and neuro-surgery - bound to be sure fire hits! But of course the most important factor is the individual doctor - whether they can interact well with teenagers, bring it all alive, get them asking questions and so on.

3. The Summer School

This week long non-residential summer school takes place in early July. Sometimes doctors are invited in for a session to spend about an hour with a group of students talking about their work.

4. Outreach in schools

Occasionally we get requests from schools to send someone in to talk about medicine as part of a careers day. Sometimes it's medical students that they want but sometimes it's doctors - would you be interested in doing this? It can be a very direct and enjoyable way of inspiring students to think that medicine could be for them - and possibly pointing them towards the mentor scheme as a practical way of moving forward.

5. Last but probably most important of all: help us to develop work experience opportunities.

This is the last big barrier for many of the students who get involved in Target Medicine so anything you could do to help would be hugely appreciated. Ultimately we want to develop a work experience scheme that is as straightforward as possible, as interesting as possible given the confines of patient confidentiality etc. and is open to all students. And given our limited staff resources we would need to make it as admin-light as possible! So the idea would be that we would provide all the information students would need about a range of settings to which they could apply for work experience but that they would have to apply and organise it rather than us doing the work for them.

Again you might like to get directly involved in providing work experience at the Practices/Hospitals you work in and you could also see what interest you could generate amongst like-minded friends and colleagues in other clinical settings.

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