Information Flow

Technical advances in high-throughput sequencing, functional genomics, proteomics and metabolomics have led to an explosion of data, and have generated a near complete molecular anatomy of living organisms. At the same time, they have exposed how little we understand the role these molecular components parts play in the complex and dynamic processes that characterise living systems.

There is a need to understand how the information provided by molecular components is organised and processed to bring about the function of a range of biological systems, from signalling networks and cell and tissue organisation through to morphogenesis and function of the immune system.  This research grouping aims to tackle these problems using a combination of computational, mathematical and experimental tools.

For an excellent review article of this area by Paul Nurse, titled Life, Logic and Information, please see here.


> Jurg Bahler
> Buzz Baum
> David Jones
> Robin Ketteler
> Christine Orengo
> Eugene Schuster

This grouping is linked to UCL Computational Biology, which focuses on delivering tools and analysis which address global biomedical research questions.

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