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The Systems Biology Journal Club aims to cover the latest developments in the self-organizing behaviour of complex, dynamic biological systems. The journal club is led by Professor Alexey Zaikin, and researchers at all levels are encouraged to attend, especially PhD students and post-docs.

The Journal Club meets every Thursday at 2pm, on the 2nd floor Seminar Room of Cancer Institute.

If you wish to join this club then please contact Alexey Zaikin (alexey.zaikin@ucl.ac.uk).

Next Meeting

27 October. Ed Long will be discussing the paper "Modeling the role of IL-2 in the interplay between CD4+ helper and regulatory T cells: Assessing general dynamical properties", by García-Martínez and León in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. The paper can be found here.

Previous Meetings

Date Speaker Paper Citation
26/05/11 Matthew Burnell
Havrilesky, LJ, et al. “Development of an Ovarian Cancer Screening Decision Model That Incorporates Disease Heterogeneity Implications for Potential Mortality Reduction.” Cancer 117, no. 3 (February 2011): 545-553.
12/05/11 Jue Zhuang
Johnson, WE, C Li, and A Rabinovic. “Adjusting batch effects in microarray expression data using empirical Bayes methods.” Biostatistics 8, no. 1 (January 2007): 118-127.
5/05/11 Raphaela Husseun
Locke, JCW, AJ Millar, and MS Turner. “Modelling genetic networks with noisy and varied experimental data: the circadian clock in Arabidopsis thaliana.” Journal of Theoretical Biology 234, no. 3 (June 7, 2005): 383-393.
07/04/11 Will Stott
Thevenaz, P., R. Delgado-Gonzalo, and M. Unser. “The Ovuscule.” Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on 33, no. 2 (2011): 382-393.

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