Course Structure

Term 1 (October – December)

ABC Course (15 credits)

Module 1 (mandatory) - Principles in Systems Biology

Course organiser: Dr Buzz Baum

1) Introduction to Biological Systems 2) Synthetic Biology 3) 'Omics 4) Evolution

*Module 2 (optional) - Advanced Topics in Systems Biology

Course organiser: Dr Buzz Baum

1) Cell and Developemntal Biology 2) Physics of Living Systems 3) Immunology

4) Neuroscience 5) Sensory Systems 6) The Heart

*Module 3 (optional) - Advanced Biological Modelling

Course organiser: Dr Karen Page

1) Dynamical systems and Systems biology 2) Mathematical models using partial differential equations 3) Stochastic modelling and Markov processes

*Students must study either module 2 or 3

Research skills (15 credits)

Course organiser Dr Jill Lincoln

This course will provide the basic skills for planning research and the written, verbal and visual communication of scientific research.

Quantitative Methods Course (30 credits)

Module 1 - Probability and Statistics for Systems Biology

Course organiser: Professor Alexey Zaikin

1) Introduction to probability: basic rules and concepts.

2) Correlation, regression, linear models, Bayesian statistics

3) Principal Component Analysis

4) Graph and network theory

5) Introduction to classifiers

6) Nonlinear methods

7) Markov chains and hidden markov models

Module 2 - Genome-Scale Data: a Systems Analysis

Course organiser: Professor Jurg Bahler

1) Genome-scale data: experimental design, data handling, systems analysis

2) Analysing sequence data and expression data

3) Analysing gene expression data

4) Inferring gene expression regulation and function

5) Analysing gene products: proteomics

Module 3 - Dynamic Biological Data: a Systems Analysis

Course organiser: Dr Guillaume Charras

1) Generating high-quality quantitative, dynamic data

2) Data extraction: thresholding, segmentation, registration and tracking

3) Statistical analysis of complex dynamic data

4) Principles and practicalities in modelling dynamic biological processes


By a combination of written examinations, programme write-ups, presentations and demonstrations, group and individual projects.

Terms 2 & 3 (January - September)

Research Projects

The research projects are designed to provide students with the experience and skills required to undertake a systems biology research. Students will select two 16-week research projects that they are interested, during which time they will undertake both experimental and theoretical research. Two researchers, one with expertise in experimental research and the other with expertise in theoretical work, will supervise the student. Students will present their findings orally and in poster form, and also submit written research reports.

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