Target participants

The target audience for SysMIC is the research community whether based in universities, institutes or other centres of research. This includes, but is not limited to, PhD students, post-docs and PIs. SysMIC will be free of charge to any members of the BBSRC community and it is intended that all necessary software will also be provided free of charge to all SysMIC students.The programme is also open to non-BBSRC funded researchers, and details regarding costs will be available in due course.

Available places

1250 places are available over 4 years with approximately 660 reserved for new trainees in BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnerships starting October 2012. The remaining places are open to members of the BBSRC research community and other researchers.

Selection of students

SysMIC students will be selected in two ways. Firstly by readiness to start – each must meet a minimum level of mathematical competence e.g. that ordinarily seen in graduate students (GCSE to A-level). We expect an understanding of basic concepts and a preliminary ‘diagnostic test’ will establish this base-line. Unready applicants will be directed to suitable revision material before they attempt the diagnostic test again. Importantly the OU has designed a number of these “entry level” quizzes. Secondly, using a questionnaire, students will be selected according to indicators of “appropriateness, need and location”. “Appropriateness” - will depend on the nature of current research – is there an existing systems component? “Need” - will reflect the immediate utility and likely impact of SysMIC training. “Location” assesses the proximity of alternative systems biology courses and will compensate for isolation. We will attempt to create the best balance of these criteria across any one cohort of students. The “appropriateness, need and location” criteria will not apply for BBSRC funded PhD students in the 2012-2015 DTPs.

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