Overview of the programme

SysMIC main aims and overview

The SysMIC programme will support the BBSRC’s aim of enhancing the uptake and application of systems approaches by the UK bioscience community. SysMIC “graduates” will be able to engage routinely in systems and integrative modelling. To do this SysMIC graduates must be competent in a high level of (applied) mathematics and computing – the only languages sufficiently compact and rigorous to allow unambiguous models of biological systems to be created, analysed and communicated transparently.

The aim of SysMIC is not to train biologists to become skilled mathematicians. Rather, SysMIC ‘’graduates’” will understand the relevance of mathematical concepts and procedures in systems biological contexts. In this way they will develop the skills necessary for wide-ranging interdisciplinary work and collaboration in large and diverse teams. For this reason much of the practical teaching will be implemented in mathematical software platforms that the students will be taught to use by hands-on application. Most of the mathematical “heavy lifting” will be done for them, allowing greater focus on systems concepts, context and applications. We will embed mathematical material within appropriate biological contexts and create Mathematica or MATLAB implementations and exercises, including projects at various levels of difficulty.

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