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Systems Modelling and Optimisation

System dynamic modelling, Cost-benefit analysis, Soft Systems Methodology, Intelligent systems, Adaptive modelling

A systems view of the world can be applied to good effect in most projects.

We have recently applied one systems thinking technique (‘soft systems methodology’) to help an aerospace prime contractor to learn more from its experience in previous projects.

We applied another technique (‘system dynamics’) to think about the implications of introducing a variable charge for household waste collection on the incidence of fly-tipping.

This is an example of a joint project we have carried out with UCL's Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science - applying systems techniques to understand the causes of crime.

We are experts in systems modelling, and are working with BAE Systems and Alexander Dennis buses on a £4m project to develop hybrid electric/diesel/fuel cell technology for passenger transit buses. The project - called Hybrid Electric Technology for Transit Buses - will last three years, and is being funded by the Government's Technology Strategy Board and the Department for Transport.

UCL’s role is to perform a cost-benefit analysis of hybrid technologies relative to traditional technologies, to develop a model to optimise the energy storage and power management throughout the vehicle, and to predict the challenges of integrating the technology into the existing system.

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