UCL Swine Flu Information

Swine flu and UCL students and staff

What should I do if I think I have contracted swine flu?

If you are a student living in UCL residences, alert your warden via the Residence Management Office for your building, and stay in your room as much as possible.

Avoid using kitchens to prepare food at the same time as other students, and wash your hands before leaving your room. If you are in private accommodation, you should stay indoors at home until you have recovered, but please let somebody know of your condition.

If you are a student and not already registered with a local GP, you can register with the Gower Place Practice – their website gives information about what you need to do. However, current advice is that you should not go to your GP’s surgery unless you are advised by NHS Direct to do so, as this increases the risk of spreading infection.

If you are a member of staff and develop flu like symptoms, stay at home, let your manager (or the person designated for the purpose within the department) know, and contact the National Pandemic Flu Service at https://www.pandemicflu.direct.gov.uk, also available via telephone: 0800 1 513 100 and Minicom: 0800 1 513 200.

If the National Pandemic Flu Service confirms swine flu by telephone, you will be given a voucher reference entitling you to anti-viral medication. Give this to a healthy friend or relative and ask them to pick up antivirals for you from a designated local collection centre. In the meantime, take suitable cold remedies to reduce fever and other symptoms, drink plenty of fluids and get lots of rest.

If I have contracted swine flu, when can I return to UCL?

It is important to remember that flu is usually spread from one person to another when an infected person has symptoms (i.e. coughing and sneezing). Once you are symptom-free, you are able to return to work or study.

What should I do if I am planning overseas travel?

All members of UCL planning to travel abroad are advised to check on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for the latest advice on the security and health status of overseas countries before setting off.

If I have contracted swine flu, whom at UCL do I need to tell?

Staff should contact their line manager (or the person designated for the purpose within the department) in accordance with UCL’s sickness absence policy. Students should inform their department.

Will UCL be closing departments?

Based on current advice, and with policy now focused on treatment rather than containment, UCL has no plans to close any departments. However, UCL’s Major Incident Team is monitoring the situation very closely and considering all of the possible consequences should the situation worsen to ensure that we are ready for every eventuality, with specific reference to the following potential scenarios:

•    Significant numbers of departmental staff absences – either with flu or taking care of relatives with flu or children at home because of nursery or school closures
•    Significant numbers of students absent – either with flu or returning home for a period
•    Disruption to transportation.

All Departments are considering what action they will need to take should the situation worsen in the coming weeks and months. Any decisions taken will be communicated both through departmental channels and centrally through this web page.

UCL’s Corporate Support Services have also established the essential services which it would seek to maintain should the situation worsen. These include:

•    Cleaning and Waste Disposal
•    Email and Web Support
•    Engineering and Telecommunications Maintenance
•    Halls of Residence
•    Payroll
•    Security
•    Examinations
•    Biological Services

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