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Assessment and management of infrastructure resilience


  • Dr. Andy Chow (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)

Main collaborator:

  • Dr. Fuzhan Nasiri (The Bartlett School of Planning)

Additional Collaborators

  • Dr. Afzal Siddiqui (Statistical Science)

The resilience of our infrastructure should be a critical concern in planning and policy making. Infrastructure systems play a vital in sustaining urban areas and our economy: it is crucial to ensure adequate roads, public transport, power, and clean water at all times.

The vulnerability of infrastructure was demonstrated by the Fukushima earthquake in 2011. and closer to home during sever spells of winter weather in December 2010 and January 2013.

If we are to make the transition to a more sustainable economy and built environment, then we require improved policy making tools for infrastructure planning.

Infrastructure resilience is a complex and multidisciplinary issue. Two major shortcomings in current infrastructure assessment and management are: 1) failure of capturing the interdependence between different system components; 2) failure of capturing the responses of humans to infrastructure disruptions. This pilot study aims to bring together experts from different disciplines, gain deeper insight into infrastructure resilience from a multidisciplinary perspective, and identify future research activities.