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Urbanism in humanitarian settings: finding anthropological answers to the unacknowledged


  • Dr Camillo Boano (Development Planning Unit)

Main collaborator:

  • Dr Kate Crawford (Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)

Additional Collaborators

  • Alison Killing (Killing Architects)
  • Brent Pilkey (Bartlett School of Architecture)

This research will build on a RIBA Research Trust funded project called (re)constructing the city, which Kate Crawford and Alison Killing completed earlier this year and which looked at the difficulties that humanitarians and urbanists have in trying to work together.

The original research captured the problems that humanitarians and urbanists faced in working together to reconstruct urban areas after disaster, though an analysis of neighbourhood reconstruction projects in post-earthquake Haiti. These challenges were presented and reviewed at a final workshop with practitioners and were found to originate in fundamental conflicts in the guiding philosophies and different professional organisational structures of urbanists and humanitarians and in the ways that the two groups conceive, imagine and operate in urban space.

This research brings an anthropological perspective to this research, through the critical analysis of workshop transcripts.