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Tsunamis in Port Cities from Generation to Impact

Lead Applicant:

  • Dr Serge Guillas (Statistical Science)

Main Collaborator:

  • Prof William McGuire (Earth Sciences)

Additional Collaborators:

  • Dr Simon Day (Aon Benfield UCL Hazard Centre)

Tsunami behaviour in the deep waters of the open ocean is well understood. This is not the case in near shore waters. The aim of this workshop was to improve understanding of the behaviour of tsunamis in near shore waters, and to improve models of coastal city inundation.

Dr Guillas organised the Workshop ‘Tsunamis in Port Cities from Generation to Impact’, held at UCL in August 2011, which brought together differing approaches and models of tsunami behaviour.

Following the workshop Dr Guillas became Co-investigator, in charge of the work package on the quantification of uncertainties in numerical models, for a 4-year, £2m NERC national consortium grant, awarded in 2012. The workshop contributed to framing the application.

Another result of the workshop is that Dr Guillas is now involved in an international network studying tsunami hazard, including UK, Japan, New Zealand, USA, Ireland.
Drs Guillas and Day secured funding from UCL Business to deliver results on tsunami hazard assessment, and they were invited to present the results of their to the insurance industry in the City of London in January 2013 http://bit.ly/17j97Cf.

A paper with Professor Dias from University College Dublin was written as a result of Prof. Dias attending the workshop. http://bit.ly/ZZZTFv