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Developing sustainable food and agriculture in London


  • Dr Robert Biel (Development Planning Unit)

Main collaborator:

  • Dr Gemma Moore (UCL Public Engagement)

Additional Collaborators

  • Dr Kaori O’Connor (Anthropology)
  • Marina Chang (Development Planning Unit)

Agri-food systems in London exemplify unsustainability. This project aimed to conduct a pilot study into the current landscape of food and agriculture in London, and to use university-community engagement to build dynamic knowledge.

GCSC (Chang) Developing Sustainable Agri-Food Systems in London

The project involved a large number of UCL staff and students, including the Food Junctions network (33 departments at UCL and 25 community groups). Multi-disciplinary expertise was provided by members of UCL with an interest in food and agriculture, including those involved in public health, medicine, anthropology, geography, archaeology, soil science, environment, public policy and economy.

Around 300 guests attended The Food Junctions Cookbook launch party, held in the North Cloisters at UCL on the 27th October 2011.

Multi-sited ethnographical investigations produced a research report with a comprehensive, but critical, analysis of the current landscape of food and agriculture in London.

The Food Junctions Cookbook: Living Recipes for Social Innovation is the result of a unique collaboration between UCL staff and students and London’s local communities. It explores the complex relationships between food, human society and nature. It mixes practice, politics and pleasure and ties people together through a common interest in food.