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'The City in Urban Poverty' Workshop

Participants in the City in Urban Poverty Workshop



  • Prof Sue Parnell (University of Cape Town): Why and how does ‘the city’ shape the experience of poverty in the 21st century city of the south?
  • Prof Alan Gilbert (UCL): Poverty, inequality & social segregation in the city
  • Puspha Arabindoo (UCL):The spatial (il)logic of slum resettlement sites in Chennai
  • Romola Sanyal (Newcastle): Rescuing the city from the poverty trap: postcolonialism and urbanization in the global South
  • Gareth Jones (LSE) & Dennis Rodgers (Manchester): Gangs, guns, and the city: urban policy in dangerous places
  • Manoj Roy & David Hulme (Manchester): Neglect, opt-out and exclusion: political realities for poor urban people in Bangladesh
  • Charlotte Heath & Tim Conway (DFID): DFID, Cities and Urban Poverty: Emerging thinking
  • Sabina Alkire & José Manuel Roche (Oxford): Sub-national Disparity in Multidimensional Poverty
  • Sylvia Chant & Kerwin Datu (LSE): Women in cities: prosperity or poverty? A need for multidimensional and multi-spatial analysis
  • Prof Isa Baud (Amsterdam):Mapping urban poverty: what can spatialising knowledge contribute to propoor urban governance?
  • Carrie Baptist (LSE) & Sheela Patel (SPARC): Information is Power: Community and Policy Effects of Participatory Enumerations
  • David Satterthwaite (IIED): Community-driven mapping and documentation of informal settlements; what contributions can these make to more effective poverty reduction
  • Caren Levy (UCL): Principles of strategic action planning for social justice: community-led finance in Indian cities

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