Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities Symposium 2013

The playlist below features 21 videos from the from GCSC and the UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources.

  1. Introductory Remarks, Sustainable Resources for Sustainable Cities Prof Raimund Bleischwitz
  2. Introductory Remarks, Dr Ian Scott, Principal Facilitator, UCL Grand Challenges programme

    Session 1 – Urban Challenges    

  3. Is sustainable consumption challenged in the global urban transition?
  4. Common Road to 2050 - Energy Scenarios
  5. Developing accessible methods for urban biodiversity monitoring
  6. Can urban greenspace & biodiversity reverse increases in chronic inflammatory disorders

    Session 2 - Resource Supply

  7. Bio Urban Design Lab - 'Cities as productive landscapes'
  8. Sustainability Profiling
  9. Integrative Sludge Management: A focus on waste production and resource recovery

  10. Should we update England's water supply planning process?

  11. Algal Bio-fuels for Sustainable Transport

    Session 3 - Resource Consumption

  12. Fuel poverty and financing methods for energy efficiency measures

  13. Developing an interactive tool to explore household resource use and how this might be reduced

  14. Phase Change Material Thermal Stores
  15. A methodology for accessing the net GHG impact of new metro rail
  16. A City Design Framework to Elucidate Urban Challenges: Energy Flows of Birmingham

    Research Mapping

  17. Mapping UCL research on sustainable cities and sustainable resources


  18. SRSC Keynote address Urban Metabolism, Prof Herbert Giradet

    Commissioned and Competition

  19. Urban Drainage by Charlotte Johnson
  20. Secret Signal - Mike Fell, UCL-Energy
  21. Squatter Settlement - Maria Ossul Vermehren, Development Planning Unit, UCL

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