Shaping Cities for Health: Complexity and the planning of urban environments in the 21st century

With almost 30 years experience from the Healthy Cities movement, the features that transform a 'city' into a 'healthy city' are increasingly evident.

What is less well understood is how to deliver the potential health benefits and how to ensure that they reach all citizens in urban contexts across the world. This is an increasingly important task given that the majority of the world’s population already live in cities and that, with current high rates of urbanisation, many millions more will soon do so.

Panel Presentations


Professor Richard Horton (Editor, The Lancet)

Professor David Price (UCL Vice Provost-Research)

Presentation of report and main findings:

Professor Yvonne Rydin, lead author (Planning, Environment & Public Policy, UCL Bartlett School of Planning)  

Additional perspectives from co-authors:

Professor Paul Wilkinson (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)

Professor Nora Groce (Leonard Cheshire Chair of Disability & Inclusive Development at UCL)


Phil Nedin (Arup Global Healthcare Business Leader)

Professor Sir Andrew Haines (Public Health & Primary Care, LSTHM)

 Q&A and closing remarks


Chaired by Professor Sir John Tooke (UCL Vice-Provost, Health)

Closing remarks:

Professor Richard Horton and Professor David Price

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