UCL-Lancet Healthy Cities Commission

Interviews with Yvonne Rydin (chair of the UCL-Lancet Healthy Cities Commission) and Julio Davila, one of the co-authors of the commission's report.

Interview with Yvonne Rydin

60% of the world's population will live in a city by 2030. Professor Yvonne Rydin (UCL Bartlett and UCL Environment Institute, Director) gives an overview of the UCL-Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities, which explores the many issues other than health services that contribute to population health in a city environment. 


Interview with Julio Davila

In India, more people own a mobile phone than have their own toilet. Dr Julio Dávila talks about community-led approaches to sanitation in Mumbai and Accra. Julio was a co-author of the UCL-Lancet Commission on Healthy Cities.


The Healthy Cities Commission looked at the role that urban planning can and should play in delivering health improvements through reshaping the urban fabric of our cities. The project has involved 19 academics and students from a variety of disciplines led by Yvonne Rydin, Professor of Planning, Environment and Public Policy in the UCL Bartlett School of Planning.

The Commission's report, Shaping Cities for Health: the Complexity of Planning Urban Environments in the 21st Century, has now been published.

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