Urban Infrastructure: Drainage

UCL GCSC Urban Drainage from Charlotte Johnson on Vimeo.

A short film on London's main drainage. Starting with Bazalgette's construction of London's embankment and ending with green roofs in The City, this film explores how technical knowledge shapes our cities and creates habits of resource consumption that prove hard to break.

The narrative is driven by interviews with three UCL academics who bring historical, engineering and anthropological insights to the study of urban infrastructure. The film was shot on locations built for the Victorian sewage system including Embankment Park and Abbey Mills Pump House. Part of the film was shot on the green roof of Eversheds' London HQ.

The film uses archive images from The Wellcome Library and music by Air Tone.

Some of the points raised:
The challenge of implementing sustainable futures for cities
Sustainable urban drainage systems
Shifting cities between linear and circular metabolisms
The Thames TIdeway Tunnel (Super sewer)

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