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Food Junctions Cookbook

Food Junctions Cookbook

The Food Junctions Cookbook ties people together through a common interest in food, and represents a genuine collaboration between UCL, London’s local communities and beyond.

The Food Junctions Cookbook is more than a recipe book, it includes things to cook, but mixes in practice, politics and pleasure. Some 70 contributors share their ‘living recipes’ for things to eat, things to think about and above all things to do. Get yourself ready to try some of these living recipes: how to taste wine, open up a catering co-op, deal with food waste, prevent children obesity, make delicious dishes from wild plants and grow food in the city.

This Cookbook is another step on a collective journey that began with Food Junctions in 2010, which explored the significance of food, culminating in a festival that celebrated food in and as community, and shared new ways of thinking about what we produce and consume.

*The book is sold on a not for profit basis: proceeds from sales are used to continue this project and to support local communities around London.