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Global Urbanism–Mapping UCL’s International Urban Expertise

Global Urbanism is a new approach in urban studies which is currently receiving widespread interest. The profoundly globalised nature of all urban processes press at the borders of urban theory and the very definition of the city.  

Driven in part by changes in global urbanisation, including the growth and rise to prominence of cities across South and East Asia, and the growing developmental challenges represented by urbanisation in some of the poorest regions of the world (notably sub-Saharan Africa). Simultaneously, the demands for more sustainable urbanism as well as the post-financial crisis fiscal austerity in economically advanced countries, the consequences of democratisation and the devolution of urban governance in post-authoritarian South America have equally placed the urban question more firmly on the global agenda. 

UCL has an exceptional concentration of expertise on these issues – for example, the Bartlett’s China Research Group leading in urban studies in the Asian context, and the Development Planning Unit concentrates expertise in South America, South Asia and Africa. There are no other comparable centres of global urban scholarship in the UK; internationally it is hard to think of a competitor in size and scope. This mapping exercise aims to increase UCL’s visibility in the international scholarly community.

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